MSN Student’s Scholarship Poster Accepted at National NP Symposium

Valerie Kats-Drozsdik, December 2020 graduate of the FNP Program

Valerie Kats-Drozsdik’s poster presentation on Nurse Practitioner Practice Authority: The Effect of Practice Limitations on Opioid Treatment in Rural Populations was accepted for the National Nurse Practitioner Symposium in Keystone, Colorado. The symposium, runs July 8th-11 th. of 2021. Congratulations Valerie!

Student Highlight: Jocelyn Martin, a new Sigma Theta Tau Inductee for the BSN Program

Jocelyn Martin BSN Candidate May ’21

Jocelyn was asked to reflect on what being a Sigma member means to her and how she would like to apply that going forward 

“I don’t know that anyone sets out to make Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing or maybe some do, but that was not my goal.  My goal was to do my best, graduate, pass the NCLEX and start working as a professional nurse.  Then Covid hit.  

6 weeks into my nursing program at MCPHS, we left for spring break and our nursing experience was never the same.  At the same time, my three children started remote learning from home as well.  

As a military spouse, I’m used to sudden change and having to adapt on a dime, but this was new, as there were so many unknowns, for myself, my children and my family.  I wasn’t sure how to manage it all or if it was possible, so I focused on what I could control, my studies and guiding my children through these changes. 

I knew I couldn’t ask my children to do more or differently than what I was doing.  Since we were all learning from home, I started to think of myself as a role model for them.  If I could model it, they had an example of what would work.  And if something didn’t work, we could figure out a new way to try.

My acceptance into Sigma Theta Tau, is the pay-off of that example.  It shows my children and myself, that even under challenging situations, we can do hard things and succeed.  Personally, it’s the acknowledgement that the hours spent studying and sacrifice of family time have been worth the price paid.  It was their joy at seeing their faces as their mom’s name was read in recognition of that hard work during induction.  

I’m honored to be a member of Sigma Theta Tau and excited at the opportunities it affords me to continue to learn through continuing professional development courses, webinars, events and research.  I’m a student at heart and know my learning won’t stop once I graduate in May 2021.  As a member I’m able to stay up to date on the latest evidence-based nursing research and hopefully connect with other members to better learn how to put it into practice.  Who knows, maybe those connections will even help me secure a job or nursing residency after graduation.”

Jocelyn is one of many students at MCPHS who display flexibility, integrity, and resiliency as they make accommodations during these challenging times. Your words are truly inspiring. Congratulations!

Chi Theta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau National Nursing Honor Society Inducts its Newest Members

The pin, cords, and stole of Sigma Theta Tau

Sigma Theta Tau was formed in 1922 and since grown to become the second largest nursing organization in the world. Consisting of over 135,000 members from 540 chapters throughout the world. Chi Theta is the MCPHS chapter and was proud to induct 101 candidates in December from the spring 2021 cohort of all three campuses. With a stated goal of advancing the professional development and learning of nursing in order to improve the health of the worlds people, Sigma promotes academic achievement, scholarship, research and leadership through its many programs, publications and networking opportunities. Requirements for membership include being in the top third of their class, completion of the first half of their nursing courses (for BSN candidates), maintaining a GPA above 3.0, and demonstrated academic excellence. We are very proud of our newest inductees and look forward to the contributions, developments and change they will bring to the nursing profession through scholarship, academic achievement and leadership. Congratulations and good luck to the more than 100 new members of Chi Theta.

MCPHS Nursing Students and Faculty Attended the Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade

MCPHS University Worcester nursing students (Philip “Andrew” Duncan-Emmons, Amanda Martin, Hayley Maciel, and Jules Cohen) and faculty (Dr. Tammy Gravel, Dr. Edith Claros,  Professor Karen Alcorn, and Professor Catherine Carroca) attended the annual Worcester St. Patrick’s Day parade on March 24th! Past graduate Dillon Gaudet was spotted in the crowd cheering everyone on!  It was a lovely warm day for the walk followed by a traditional Irish boiled dinner back at 10 Lincoln.

MCPHS Nursing Students Participated at the Saint Vincent Heart Fair

Senior nursing students participated at the annual Saint Vincent’s heart fair on Friday February 22nd.  The fair is for the Worcester community to bring awareness to heart related illness.  The MCPHS students worked together with the American Heart Association (AHA) and Professors Catherine Carroca and Bonnie Laurent to provide Hands Only CPR training – a technique that would be performed outside of the hosptial setting and does not utilize mouth to mouth breaths.  According to the AHA, hands only CPR is just as effective as conventional CPR.  Thanks to the efforts of our students, the AHA, and Saint Vincent Hospital, at least 65 more individuals are now aware of how they can save a life.

“We are so proud of our students.  This fair is an example of how we can provide health promotion to the community.” – Catherine Carroca, MSN, RN

MCPHS University: Among the Top Nursing Schools in New England

Nursing Schools Almanac has reported that MCPHS University is one of the top nursing schools in New England.  This is a prestigious honor as only 15% of nursing schools made the list out of the 3,000 reviewed.  In fact, MCPHS students are also the #1 salary earners in New England according to the U.S. Department of Education.  A link to the article is included:


Welcome Stephanie Easton

stephanie easton

Stephanie Easton has joined The School of Nursing at MCPHS University, Worcester Campus, as our Clinical Placement Coordinator for the accelerated post baccalaureate BSN Program. She holds a bachelor’s of science from Worcester State University and has 5 years’ experience in Clinical Placement from Fitchburg State University. She is a mother of two from Westminster, MA who loves to organize. She is an Autism advocate and reports that she makes the best Baklava and Spanikopita you will ever taste!