Student Spotlight: Tiffany Deschamps

Tiffany Deschamps

This month, the MCPHS School of Nursing would like to highlight Tiffany Deschamps, a Spring 2021 graduate, for the wonderful work she accomplished as part of her Advocacy Project in her Leadership class. Tiffany served as a wonderful advocate to the local community in her fundraising work with Hotel Grace, a seasonal local shelter in the Worcester community. Tiffany held a virtual fundraiser with Net of Compassion, which funds Hotel Grace and other programs, and raised $2,903 dollars. Tiffany was asked to share a statement for this article:

My name is Tiffany Deschamps and I live in the heart of Worcester, MA. Currently studying as a Nursing Student at MCPHS University. I began my nursing journey in 2020 when the pandemic hit the Country and everything the world over changed. I went from attending in person class, clinical rotations, labs, and group meeting to a completely isolated world of virtual classes and zoom meetings (I also had to return home after only a few months of living on campus). Around the Fall of 2020, my cohort was called back to the campus and clinical rotations in person started a new. I moved back to Worcester and began noticing how the pandemic impacted the community I once lived in. 

The changes did not hit me until I stumbled across a group of people huddled together for warmth and sharing food. Before the pandemic, I had never seen these people. It was heartbreaking to see a group of people struggling and as time progressed it seemed the group of people grew in numbers. Listening to lectures and watching local news, I learned the pandemic had increased the struggle of many people, not only in my community, but across the country. Many people continued to suffer with the pandemic and one of the leading causes is not being able to access resources. As a nursing student and a member of the community, I believed we needed to come together and help one another through this difficult time. 

Researching resources, I came across a local shelter, Hotel Grace. What interested me about this organization is the resources they provide to the community. This organization provides: shelter, clothes, and food to those in need in the Worcester area. I contacted the Founder of Hotel Grace, Richard Gonzales and Social Media Coordinator, Brain Ashmankas. We established a common goal to help the members of the Worcester Community. I worked with NSWB and Campus life (with the help of Garland Mann-Lamb) to develop a donation link (through Net of Compassion).

I hope to inspire others to reinvest and connect to their community through their own personal connections; whether it be through academics, friends, families, neighbors, or any other personal connections and working towards a goal to improve their local community. One of my favorite quotes is by Florence Nightingale, “So never lose an opportunity of urging a practical beginning however small, for it is wonderful how often in such matters the mustard seed germinates roots itself”.

This event would not have been made possible without the support of MCPHS community and faculty, Nets of Compassion Founder Richard Gonzales and Social Media Coordinator Brain Ashmankas. A special Thank you to Interim Dean Tammy Gravel and our administrative assistant Diane Hamilton, Faculty Advisors Professor Stephanie Haynes and Professor Christine McNulty Buckley and the Director of Campus Life, Student affairs Garland Mann-Lamb for their support and guidance throughout the project development. 

For more information about Hotel Grace, a faith based seasonal emergency shelter located at the Monsignor Tinsley Center, 44 Vernon Street, Worcester, MA or if you would like to donate please visit:

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